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Dome Show of the Week: August 21-27

Showing daily at 2pm and 4pm during the week of August 21-27

25 minutes | Recommended for ages 8+

Experience breath-taking visualizations of major earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis of recent history. Learn about the power within the Earth, and how we should appreciate it. Why do these events occur and what can we do to be ready for them? Find out in Our Violent Planet!

This program was funded by a Wayne Morse Center Project Grant.

More about Dome Show of the Week: Our Dome Show of the Week is a rotating selection of planetarium shows. This summer, the Dome Show of the Week is FREE for Eugene Science Center members! Come back each week to see them all.

2022 Dome Show Of The Week Lineup:

June 20-25: Skywatchers of Africa

June 26 – July 2: Seeing!

July 3-9: We Are Aliens

July 10-16: Out There – The Quest for Extrasolar Planets

July 17-23: Sunstruck

July 24-30: Habitat Earth

July 31 – August 6: Phantom of the Universe

August 7-13: Earth, Moon, & Sun

August 14-20: Einstein’s Gravity Playlist

August 21-27: Our Violent Planet

August 26 – September 3: Two Small Pieces of Glass

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