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Sign your class up for a Field Trip Enrichment Lab!

These 45-minute, hands-on classroom programs will enhance your students’ experience with interactive lessons led by a Eugene Science Center educator, designed for up to 30 students at a time (two groups of 15). Larger groups may be split into 2 or more sections and rotated among other field trip options (Exhibit Areas, Planetarium).

Labs are subject to instructor and classroom availability and may not be available on all days.

Science Center Kids

Enrichment labs arranged by grade level

We are developing all new enrichment labs. Please check back regularly to see updated offerings.

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3rd Grade: Bee-havior Enrichment Lab
This activity introduces students to two structures honeybees have that allow them to find food: their body hair and their eyes. To start, students explore how, through electrostatic pull, honeybee body hair helps them find flowers. Next, students explore how honeybee eyes detect UV light to find flowers. Lastly, students engage in an embodied waggle dance game to explore how honeybees work as a group to share information about food sources. Together, this lab covers topics related to structure and function and group behavior among animals.

Coming Soon!


Each enrichment lab is 45 minutes to 1 hour in duration and designed for groups of 15 students or less.   Groups with more than 15 students can be split into two groups and registered for two back-to-back or concurrent programs.

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