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2024 Girls’ Science Adventures

Calling students in Grades 4-6! Six Saturday workshops from 9:00am-12:00pm. 

Enrollment is limited to 20 spaces in each workshop. 

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February 10th, 2024 – Astronomy (Location: ESC)
Explore the stars at Eugene Science Center! Participants will enjoy a guided tour of the skies at ESC’s state-of-the-art Planetarium. After our time in the Planetarium, participants will then enjoy some hands-on-activities that are out of this world!
February 17th, 2024 – Neuroscience of Speech and Birdsong (Location: UO)
Birds sing complicated and beautiful songs. How do they learn and perform these songs? Girls will learn about parallels between birdsong and human speech, and do hands-on exercises to explore vocal learning. Girls will learn to identify songbirds local to Eugene, just in time to listen to and appreciate the many birds singing this Spring!
February 24th, 2024 – Protein Optics (Location: UO)
For the first activity, girls will create their own optics from Jello and see how light interacts with matter. Next, they will investigate how lemon juice or pineapple juice curdle or do not curdle a sample of mystery milk (oat, skim, or whole). This second activity will introduce them to protein denaturation.
March 2nd, 2024 – Plants and Nature (Location: UO)
Girls will explore the details and structures that make nature great, using hand-constructed microscopes and actual things found in their backyard. Just in time for spring, girls will also have the opportunity to learn more about the parts of a flower using real flowers.
March 9th, 2024 – Cells (Location: UO)
Learn about your cells up close and personal! During this interactive session, scientists from Thermo Fisher Scientific in Eugene will be there for a day filled with microscopy lessons. The students will use cells provided to stain different structures (DNA, nuclei, membranes, etc.) and visualize them on a fluorescence microscope. They will also take a cheek swab to stain and visualize their own cells! In addition, we will be exploring the morphology of different tissue types in the body (ovary, tonsil, and appendix to name a few). We are also including a lesson detailing the fluorescent cell dyes used, how they work, and some fun with the color wheel/glow sticks.
March 16th, 2024 – Math Puzzles (Location: UO)
Girls will strategize and play with patterns in this program devoted to mathematical puzzles! Many puzzles will require nothing more complicated than pencil and paper and have simple rules, yet they all have a rich structure which has captured people’s curiosity and creativity for years (sometimes centuries!). By thinking about and playing with these puzzles, girls will learn the power (and fun!) of their own minds, while also uncovering some fascinating mathematics!


We love engaging girls in STEM! Girls get pumped up about science during our series of Saturday workshops. Girls explore hands-on science with expert role models from University of Oregon’s Women in Graduate Science and other female mentors. Workshops take place at Eugene Science Center, University of Oregon, or at a special field trip location.

Girls’ Science Adventures is run in partnership with the University of Oregon Women in Graduate Sciences. Enrollment and participation is sponsored by University of Oregon Women in Science.

To receive updates about registration, contact Lena Lamoureux at 541-682-7882 or [email protected]

Check your confirmation letter for pick up and drop off location details after you register.

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