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2023 Girls’ Science Adventures

Calling students in Grades 4-6! Six Saturday workshops from 9:00am-12:00pm. 

Enrollment is limited to 20 spaces in each workshop. Scholarships available upon request. 

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February 4 – Astronomy (Location: ESC)

  • Explore the stars at Eugene Science Center! Participants will enjoy a guided tour of the skies at ESC’s state-of-the-art Planetarium. Next, participants will delve into the topic Dark Matter and some of its galactic mysteries that have perplexed the field’s leading researchers. After our time in the Planetarium, participants will then enjoy some hands-on-activities that are out of this world!

February 11 – Zoology (Location: UO)

  • Girls will dive into the ocean to discover seadragons, seahorses, and pipefish. These are not your traditional fish, they have extremely long faces, plates covering their bodies, and their fathers carry babies in pouches. By re-creating and testing out their unique features, you will uncover the benefits of their unique body shape and the dad’s pouch!

February 18 – Neuroscience (Location: UO)

  • Girls will become researchers for a day as we investigate what our eyes really see and how our brains process it. Next, we’ll see how brains that are so different from ours are able to accomplish some of the same goals. Girls will get to see this in action with our favorite squishy color-changing animal: the octopus.

February 25 – Muscle Physiology (Location: UO)

  • Ever wonder what makes your muscles work? During this interactive session, girls will see through the skin to understand how muscles contract and function. Not only will you develop an exoskeleton arm that contracts at will, but you will also be able to control the muscles of volunteers through simple hand motions. By the end, girls will understand how muscles work and how we can build new prosthetics for those in need someday!

March 4 – Biology (Location: UO)

  • Girls will leap into a living cell and explore the stages of protein production in this Magic School Bus style workshop. The Central Dogma of Biology helps us understand one of the fundamental processes that keeps us all alive! Central Dogma can be split into three main stages: replication, transcription, and translation. Girls will experience each stage through a series of engaging activities including DNA extractions and protein necklace construction.

March 11 – Math Games (Location: UO)

  • Girls will strategize and puzzle with patterns in this program devoted to mathematical games!  Many games will require nothing more complicated than pencil and paper and have simple rules, yet these games have rich structure and can be played again and again with family and friends.  The sky is the limit when it comes to strategy and tactics!


We love engaging girls in STEM! Girls get pumped up about science during our series of Saturday workshops. Girls explore hands-on science with expert role models from University of Oregon’s Women in Graduate Science and other female mentors. Workshops take place at Eugene Science Center, University of Oregon, or at a special field trip location.

Girls’ Science Adventures is run in partnership with the University of Oregon Women in Graduate Sciences. Enrollment and participation is co-sponsored by University of Oregon Women in Science and the Jane Higdon fund.

To receive updates about registration, contact Sara Lamog at 541-682-7888 or [email protected]

Check your confirmation letter for pick up and drop off location details after you register.

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